Divorce and Separation

Adult relationships may end but you never stop being a parent.

Stuck in the middle of hurt and angry parents  children often  feel powerless – as parents fight over them as if they were a DVD collection or a piece of furniture. Children blame themeselves for what has happened. Parents sometimes use their children to punish or manipulate the ex -partner. Adults sometimes introduce a new partner, or even a whole new family, with little regard to how their child may feel.

I offer  a parenting course and one-to-one coaching to help parents support their children through the trauma of divorce and separation.

I can also write a letter for court as evidence of having attended parenting classes in support of applications for increased contact.


‘My sessions with Dorothy helped me tremendously whilst I was going through a traumatic divorce and had very limited access to my children. She enabled me to see things from the children’s perspective and gave me hope where previously there had been none. The books she recommended were also a great support between sessions. The open letter she wrote to the court also helped everyone involved to see that I had been making every effort to improve my parenting skills. I cannot speak highly enough of her and am looking forward to working with her for my whole family’s benefit in the future.’

Company director and  father of four



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