What my clients say


‘Dorothy’s calm, guiding presence enabled me to get out of a rut. I could see that I had got into a routine of doing too much for my children and then resenting it. What they really need is help to become independent. The classes helped me to see that more clearly.’

Company director and mother of a teenaged daughter and two sons


‘My sessions with Dorothy helped me tremendously whilst I was going through a traumatic divorce and had very limited access to my children. She enabled me to see things from the children’s perspective and gave me hope where previously there had been none. The books she recommended were also a great support between sessions. The open letter she wrote to the court also helped everyone involved to see that I had been making every effort to improve my parenting skills. I cannot speak highly enough of her and am looking forward to working with her for my whole family’s benefit in the future.’

Company director and  father of four


‘I like the way coaching deals with the here and now… the immediacy is really helpful, the sessions left me with something to think about or a task to do. Dorothy got me back on track and helped me achieve clarity on what is important to me.’

Textile designer and mother of two


It’s been really, really helpful. My sessions with Dorothy have made me more able to think about what it is that I want and what it is that I really value.’

Development worker and mother of two


‘I found the process invaluable. I now have a clear understanding of my goals and understand how to make them attainable.’

Administrator for national charity, mother of two teenage boys


‘Dorothy was extremely easy and productive to talk to, very positive and a strong listener. She was good at channelling my thoughts into a number of positive objectives that I could translate into action. She is absolutely great.’

Transport manager and mother of two


‘After separating from my wife, I have had to battle in the family courts to get reasonable access to my children – an incredibly emotional and distressing time for all concerned, especially my kids. In Dorothy, I found someone who truly understands how to empathise and work with people in situations such as the one I was facing. Our sessions have been both enjoyable and educational. She tailored the course specifically to meet my situation and has also been incredibly supportive. I would recommend her to anyone without question.’

Accountant and father of two.


‘Dorothy was very easy to talk to and very helpful in making me understand my son’s needs. The course was very enjoyable and also very helpful in my court case to get to see my son. Being a one-to-one course I found it much easier to understand and learn the skills I needed to have.’

Manager in construction industry, father of 4-year-old son